May 232017

Tickets are now on sale for our first trip to Seattle, on July 1. We will be stepping up our game to have buses to support the Thorns: a cider bus, beer bus, and for the first time, a juice bus! Now we just need you, your voice, and your passion for the Thorns!

Link below to buy tickets/seats on the bus!

The Riveters have purchased Lower Grandstand tickets, just like last time. This means no hiking up to the furthest corner of the stadium. Normally, these tickets are $25 each, but with the group discount, they are $16 each. Here are the details for our group ticket order opportunities:

Ticket only – $16 – LOWER GRANDSTAND. You will need to pick up your ticket in Seattle when the bus gets there or the tickets will be left at Will Call.

Cider/Beer Bus only – $40 – you either have your own ticket or will be acquiring your own ticket. The Riveters will be in the LOWER GRANDSTAND, and those tickets are normally $25 per ticket.

Juice Box Bus only – $31 – you either have your own ticket or will be acquiring your own ticket. The Riveters will be in the LOWER GRANDSTAND, and those tickets are normally $25 per ticket.

Ticket & Cider/Beer Bus combo – $55

Ticket & Juice Box Bus combo – $47

You will select your bus at the time you purchase your tickets on the Wild Apricot site – this is different from how we’ve done it in the past.

All participants in our group agree to the 107ist Away Travel Code of Conduct for Riveters Away Travel. Please review it here:
Rules for the buses:

NO GLASS ALLOWED ON THE BUS. While we are allowed to bring food and drink (adult beverages are way okay), you are not allowed to have glass containers. Please plan accordingly.

NO #2 ON THE BUS! The bathroom on the bus has a very small storage tank! We will be stopping at a rest stop about halfway through the drive (or about 90 minutes in).

General trip info:

There are no age restrictions in the Riveters or on our buses. If you’re a party of 1, coming with friends, or want to make it a trip for the whole family, please join us.

Memorial Stadium allows away supporters to have flags & two-sticks so long as it does not obstruct others’ view and is not on poles. Please leave all noisemakers at home; those will not be allowed into Memorial Stadium.

There is a Bag Policy that will be enforced at Memorial Stadium this year. All bag styles and sizes are allowed but are subject to inspection upon entry. Fans will be asked to return prohibited item(s) to their vehicles or throw them away before they are allowed entry into the stadium.

At the last match, we were allowed to bring in sealed plastic water bottles. This is still an option, along with empty plastic water bottles that can be filled inside.  You may also bring in outside food.

Bring food and drink for the bus. Keep glass at home. Clean up after yourself. Keep an eye on each other. We all want to have fun.

Schedule for Saturday, July 1:


1:30 pm – Bus departs from the Oregon Convention Center (NE Holladay St between NE 2nd and MLK)

5:30pm – Bus arrives at Memorial Stadium under the Space Needle. The Riveters will enter the stadium 6:00pm at the South entrance.

7:30 pm – Kickoff of match.

1:30 am – Bus arrives back at Oregon Convention Center to drop road warriors off.

If you have any questions or concerns, we will be happy to address them in the comments on this post. Come join us in Seattle!

May 182017

Our next Match Day Drive will be for “fuel”; foods that can keep houseless friends and neighbors sustained while on the street.

Please bring your shelf-stable donations to the Fanladen pre-match. Suggested items include:

  • Granola bars
  • Nutrition bars and drinks
  • Easy Mac
  • Cup O Noodles
  • Instant coffee (and small creamers/sweeteners)
  • Bottled water

Nutritious, shelf-stable foods in portable snack size will benefit those served by Street Roots.

Street Roots creates income opportunities for people experiencing homelessness and poverty by producing a newspaper and other media that are catalysts for individual and social change. To learn more about what Street Roots does, click here.

Next Thorns FC home match will be Saturday, May 27, vs Boston Breakers.

May 042017

On Saturday May 6, both before and immediately after the Thorns match, we will be accepting donations to help folks “beat the heat”!

When people think of houseless neighbors dying from exposure, the first thought is usually of freezing temperatures. In reality, the summer temperatures are far more deadly. Sun exposure and dehydration- either alone, or due to a reaction with medications/pre-existing conditions- are incredibly dangerous, and the source of countless lives lost each year.

Non-customers are often barred from entering retail establishments, and that makes access to water as needed difficult. Providing durable, shatter-proof water bottles, particularly the insulated variety, can go a long way to helping someone stay cool and hydrated. With limited public places to get out of direct sunlight, a quality sunblock is an absolute necessity as well. Sunglasses and visors can also be incredibly helpful. Cooling neck wraps and towels can also provide comfort in extreme temperatures.

Thank you in advance for your life-saving gifts to these friends and neighbors in our community- we know you’ll come through! And thank you again for helping out with last week’s drive, too.

Final note- As we head into these warmer months, please keep in mind that what may appear to be an intoxicated person could possibly be someone struggling with heat exhaustion. Don’t be afraid to call 911.