Jan 282015

As the new season dawns, we want YOU to help out. A small number of people made magic last year; we are hoping for a larger number of people to help make even more magic this year.

Here’s your chance to get your ideas heard and make a real difference.

We need help on the travel team.
We need help on the merch team.
We need help on the tifo team and flag crew.
We need help on the membership team. (Yes, the page says Timbers Army, but we need help from Riveters folks too.)

Step right up, don’t be shy! Let’s maintain our lead as the finest supporters in the league!

  4 Responses to “Ask not what the Riveters can do for you…”

  1. I’d love to help the tifo team! I’ve always wanted to be a part of that! I work at Providence park so I’m not sure what other ways I can help, but I’m down!

  2. Love to help with game day stuff but will not be in the country for most of June and July.

  3. […] and membership committees. Grab an oar, folks, the boat is about to push back from the dock. Click here for links to the Google doc sign-up pages and more info about what it is we’re looking for. […]

  4. You have me for anything needed. This year is all Riveters!!

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