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The preseason tournament is nearly here! Supporters with season tickets will have the preseason matches provided as part of their package. GA tickets are still available through the front office for $8.00. Also, don’t forget the Timbers/Thorns Ticket Exchange for affordable and fair ticketing needs.

  • Dash vs the U.S. U-23s Sunday, March 26 at 2:30 p.m.
  • Thorns vs Red Stars Sunday, March 26 at 5:00 p.m.
  • Red Stars vs Dash Wednesday, March 29 at 5:00 p.m.
  • Thorns vs U.S. U-23s Wednesday, March 29 at 7:30 p.m.
  • Red Stars vs U.S. U-23s Saturday, April 1, at 5:00 p.m.
The preseason tourney closes with Thorns vs Dash on Saturday, April 1, at 7:30 p.m.
Mar 262016

—by Jolene Thomson


We all know what friendlies are—or at least, what they’re supposed to be, in theory. A match not so intensely competitive; one that played for little more than its own sake. (MLS pre-season matches we’ve seen this year might make such a definition questionable at best.)

If there’s one friendly the Thorns play in the pre-season that we can hope will remain neighborly, let’s hope it is the match played with our collegiate neighbors to the south.

Oregon State University Beavers will play Portland Thorns on March 30th. OSU already has a meaningful connection to the Portland Thorns—2015 forward Jodie Taylor was an Oregon State standout 2004-2008. Also, those who look today may see a distinctly Portlandesque imprint on portions of the Corvallis squad.

Goalkeeper Lizzy Coryell played several years for the Westside Timbers, winning a state championship in 2013. Forward Maddie Misi also played several years with Westside Timbers in varying positions, and had two years on the Westside Timbers WPSL team. Former Jesuit goalkeeper Lindsay Lamont helped Crossfire Oregon to state championships in 2012 and 2013. Midfielder Annie Govig played with FC Portland in addition to captaining Sherwood High School’s team.

Slated to join the team this Fall, incoming freshman forward Jada Krening was the 2015 Oregon Live Girls Soccer Player of the Year. She spent the last two seasons with the Portland Thorns Academy, and was the first Parkrose student to accept a Pac-12 scholarship. As Team Captain, Krening set the Parkrose High School record with 81 goals in her four seasons (while maintaining a 4.0—not too shabby!). Another new recruit, midfielder Diana Santiago, played for FC Portland as well as the Westside Metros.

There are other connections to Portland with the Oregon State squad. For the many who closely follow University of Portland soccer, Beavs Assistant Coach Michelle Voiland was starting goalkeeper and was a four-time All-Conference First Team selection at UP in the early to mid-nineties. She went on to play, and later coach, for FC Saarbruecken in the Bundesliga.

While the local connections are endearing, the talent on the OSU squad certainly isn’t limited to Oregonians. Defender Greta Espinoza is just returning from her most recent effort as part of the Mexican National Team, with whom she has 13 caps. Helene Haavik, a forward from Norway, Played for the U16, U17, and U19 Norwegian National Team and went to the European Championships all three years.

Certainly, we will be there to cheer for our Thorns as our priority. But if your schedule and collegiate allegiances allow, you may want to take time to cheer for those Beavs as well.

Sunday, March 27 – Houston Dash vs. Oregon State at 2:30 p.m.

Saturday, April 2 – Seattle Reign FC vs. Oregon State at 2:30 p.m.

Feb 112016

On Sunday, February 21st, the Riveters will be hosting the second winter meet-up & volunteer recruitment event. This will be at Blitz 99 located at 10935 SW 68th Pkwy in Tigard from 11am – 1pm. We chose to do it early in the day, on a Sunday, to make it easier for folks who couldn’t get to the Thursday night meet-up earlier in the month. Also, the Timbers have a preseason match that evening, so hopefully there is limited conflict.

Come out to this meet-up if you want to connect with like minded fans and also if you’re interested in getting more involved in 2016. We are looking for a lot of new faces to join our efforts and will have committee members on hand to share info about what we do and answer any questions you may have.

If you cannot make it out to either of the meet-ups but still want to get involved, please add your information to one of the sign up forms below. You can sign up for as many committees as you would like. We will be in touch shortly after you sign up to let you know when the next meeting will be or ask about how you would like to get involved.

Preseason Riveters Meet-Up!

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Feb 052014

Does it feel like the 2013 Championship was only yesterday? Or perhaps you’re itching for the 2014 season to just get here. Either way, meet up with fellow Riveters on Saturday, February 22nd from 4-8pm!

We will be meeting up at Bazi Bierbrasserie, on SE 32nd just off of Hawthorne. They will have their Thorns-inspired beer “Every Rose has its Thorn” by Lompoc Brewing on tap for us to enjoy. There will also be Riveters merchandise for sale during the meet-up.

Bazi is also going to be the home to some special Thorns memorabilia from the 2013 Championship run. These items will be on display during the meet-up for everyone to enjoy.


24 Hours to Go…

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Apr 122013

Good day, gentle people of Portland, I greet you from a new location (the By Any Other Name Blog) roughly 24 hours from the very first kick of the National Women’s Soccer League.

I’ll be writing recaps of games and general analysis here, and I do hope that you will join me after the games to talk Thorns.

Having said that… what do we talk about right now?

We talk about Portland and the Portland Thorns.

Now there has been hubub about everything in regards to the Thorns, the NWSL, the league structure, players (Oh HAI Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan), supporters group names, scarves and even what t-shirt that the common supporter should wear to the game.

What can be lost in all this drama is the reason we support.

The Portland Thorns are new, yes. However the history of women’s soccer that exists in Portland is long and its legacy great. In my mind, the reason to support the Thorns has very little to do with simply “needing to support the NWSL” but rather everything to do with Team and Town. Now, you may notice that in the equation we don’t have the “RCR”. That’s because the foundation of that organization in every form is being built NOW. Right now,  the plans are being laid in place for the shape of the support for the Thorns.  If you have ever wanted to paint new flags, create new traditions, sing new songs that show your love of town and team, now is your opportunity. The slate for the Thorns is clean, but backed up by the experience and wealth of knowledge brought to a bubble by the 100+ year history of the game in Portland, and (for many) the years of experience within the construct of the Timbers Army.  The demand for and love of soccer in this city is such that fans can’t wait for even the first kick to show their love of this city and the women that play for it.

And that brings us to the crux of this matter:

This city and the women that play for it. There is history here with this squad. This isn’t just some loose organization of player with no tie to the area. Rather there are players here who truly love this special place.

They (the NWSL) asked for four cities and my four cities were Portland, Portland, Portland, and Portland” – Christine Sinclair – Extra Time Radio Interview

Christine Sinclair arrived for college in Portland in 2001. She did just about everything possible that could be done on a collegiate level for the Portland Pilots. She was Freshman of the Year, won two national championships,  won the Hermann Trophy (top women’s soccer player of the year in college)  TWICE, won the award for college woman athlete of the year, and set the all time division 1 goal scoring record. For some she is the best player in the world (although many could point to the OTHER forward for the Thorns, Alex Morgan). The ties between Sinclair, the Portland Timbers, and local Portland soccer extend as the coach for Sinclair at the University of Portland was the irreplaceable Clive Charles. Charles passed away of prostate cancer the year after Sinclair and the Pilots women won the 2002 NCAA National Championship.

This was no small incident of one man having a small impact on someones life though as Sinclair indicated in an interview on the Portland Thorns website.

Being recruited by many schools, he was the only coach that seemed to care about you as a person first and an athlete, second or third. My parents used to rent a house from him up in Burnaby well before I was even born. It’s just a small world. I have known Clive for my whole life, not very well at first, but when he came up to recruit me, he wanted to go hang out with my grandparents. It’s just weird how it all happened.

The first thing that crosses my mind always is winning Clive that National Championship. It being the last game he ever coached and just seeing him hugging the trophy after they presented it to our team,


Read the full interview here on the Portland Thorns website

You can see the love that Sinclair has for Charles, and for Portland when she talks. To me, it isn’t just talk as she showed when she was back in Portland for training.

Christine Sinclair visits Clive Charles grave

This  is the continued legacy that we ask for,  the connection the Portland fans demand from the players: an understanding of the town, of the people who shaped soccer in the area, and a love of the things that make Portland a tremendous place to live.

It isn’t just Sinclair but players like Danielle Foxhoven and Angie Kerr (both Portland alumni) who bring that connection of Town and Team. It is up to the fans to reinforce the triangle and bring the connection of all three ideals of supporting the Thorns, Portland and the Rose City Riveters to light as we all gather to watch the Thorns play their first few games.

There will be bumps in the road, both in terms of team and support. However, the unifying tie of Portland, the love of the beautiful game, and the bonds of friendship that this close community will create are what bring us together in the stands.

This isn’t just a women’s team, or a men’s team. This is a team that represents Portland. It may be new, but it is ours.

New isn’t a dirty word, it isn’t a word indicative of something bad, it is a word that means “Not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time.”

Whilst the Thorns may not yet be entrenched in your heart, that is because this is a first date. Some of us will fall in love at first sight, some of us will fall in love when we learn the personality and character of our date; and some of us might swoon at the play. To grow in love is to experience life together, to share in that common bond of highs, lows and to understand those items that not only are positive, but (as well) negative.

As Joe Strummer once said “The Future is Unwritten.

We are creating this future, one brick at a time, one email at a time, one player at a time and it is on the backs of the fans that this team will grow.

Now, let us gather once more to root on Portland, to sing for our city and our team as we have before.



John Nyen

Mar 312013
The Thorns Alliance at Merlo Field at the University of Portland, March 30, 2013. Photo credit: Luke Fritz

The Thorns Alliance at Merlo Field at the University of Portland, March 30, 2013. Photo credit: Luke Fritz

Coach Cone holds her BAON scarf aloft in salute to Thorns supporters after Thorns FC defeated the University of Portland March 30, 2013. Photo credit: luke Fritz

Coach Cone holds her BAON scarf aloft in salute to Thorns supporters after Thorns FC defeated the University of Portland March 30, 2013. Photo credit: Luke Fritz

Thorns players salute the Thorns Alliance after their 2-1 win over the University of Portland March 30, 2013. Photo credit: Luke Fritz

Thorns players salute the Thorns Alliance after their 2-1 win over the University of Portland March 30, 2013. Photo credit: Luke Fritz