Poll Question: Travel Preferences

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Feb 152017

We have a poll question for you today!

Gearing up for the 2017 season, we look to do more with travel coordination. We want your feedback on how you’d like to get information on away days.

For Riveters Away Game Travel planning, discussions, and coordination, please indicate your preference for viewing this type of information:

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Thank you for your participation!

Dec 082016

Don’t forget, the Timbers Army Winter Classic is coming up, and there’s still a short window of time to register.

There are men’s, women’s, and co-ed divisions, and the tournament will be at the all-new Rose City Futsal West location.  What’s not to like? For $250 per team or $30 per individual, you get a three game guarantee, too. Why not join in on the fun?

To register, click here.

BONUS Match Day Drive- Impact NW

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Sep 302016

With the Thorns season extending into the playoffs, we’re also extending our Match Day Drives. This Sunday, please plan to lend a hand to the individuals and families served by Impact NW.

Impact NW is a local organization that has been helping low-income Portland residents since 1966. Today, they have services available in Multnomah, Clark, Washington and Clackamas Counties and parts of Washington state.

“By working with schools, businesses, faith communities, other community-based organizations and governmental agencies we create a safety net and springboard for community members to improve their quality of life and achieve independence.”

Impact NW offers immediate assistance to those in our community who are either homeless or in transition, and often those they are helping do not have access to food prep stations.

Please bring non-perishable pantry items to the Fanladen (1633 SW Alder St) before you head into the stadium. The individuals and families these organizations are helping may not have access to a safe home to go and cook in, so if your item requires cooking, please make it microwavable and easy to open. Often those seeking help are in need of very substantial foods, like peanut butter or tuna. Below is a complete list of the items we are looking to collect:

Oatmeal (packets)
Peanut butter (jars and single-serve cups)
Cereals (single-serve packages)
Noodles and pasta (canned with pop-up lids, cups, or microwavable bags)
Rice dishes (cups, microwavable bags)
Mac & cheese (regular boxed and microwavable)
Fruit cups
Fruit leather
Granola/trail bars
Rice cakes (Quaker)
Assorted nuts (single-serve packages)
Juice box packs
Canned goods (pop-up lids are best, please) – Soup, vegetables, tuna, chili

Sep 062016

In May of this year, many of you took the time to complete a survey created by Andrew Guest, PhD and Anne Luijten from the University of Portland. As you may recall, the purpose of the survey was in part to determine why the Thorns are one of the most popular women’s sports teams in the world. Thank you to those who took the time to add your contribution via the survey and interviews.

Dr. Guest has shared the results of the research with us, which you can view here.

While some of the contents won’t come as a surprise, it is an incredibly informative piece and great for sharing.

Mar 152016

Today was another big day for a lot of NWSL teams as single game tickets went on sale for a lot of different clubs. With that, we want to let everyone know that we have assembled a Travel Committee to help with the 2016 Riveters Away Day Travel. This group is working with the different ticket sales reps to better understand if we can get a group discount for Riveters and if we can get Away Supporter sections at the different stadiums.

If you are planning on or interested in hitting the road this year to support the Thorns, please bookmark the 2016 Away Stadium Ticket Info to stay in the know about stadium policies (drums, banners, flags, smoke) and group tickets. We really want to take advantage of group discounts for tickets as much as we can, so each away event has a Facebook page set up (also available on the 2016 info page under each match) so we can get a sense of the demand for each game. Most group discounts kick in at or around 8 tickets, so if you’re planning to go, help out your fellow traveler and let us know so we can get things put together.

Also, the Facebook pages will help with coordination and carpooling to the games. After all, we’re a small group of road warriors.

FOR SEATTLE AWAY — Hold on to your horses. We are working with their ticketing rep to get a different section at Memorial set aside for us as well as buses (2!) lined up for the trips. More information about the 2 matches up north will be available shortly.

Mar 012016

New season, new ambitious plans by our Art Department—so for a limited time, we’re offering special cloisonné pins as a thank-you gift to Riveters who donate at least $10 to our tifo fund!

We expect to be able to send them out or otherwise distribute them by month’s end. Some of the tifo folks will also have these available to hand out at events in exchange for in-person donations while this promotion lasts. Keep an eye on our newsletter, our Facebook page, and/or our Twitter account for details.

Donations are not tax-deductible.

Jan 252016

Greetings and welcome to an unprecedented Year 4 from your 2016 Communications Critter and 107ist Board Liaison!

Along with the ascension of MarPar to the throne, the team looks to have been gifted with a MASSIVE infusion of fresh talent and energy this off-season. We’ve got at least a preseason schedule now, and we can’t wait to be doing more than following along with the domestic and overseas adventures of our Girls in Red, wildly speculating over Twitter, and thinking up fun banner ideas as we sort paint out in the garage.

Watch this space, Facebook, and Twitter for updates in the very near future. In the meantime, a couple of things I’d love from you:

  • If you’re interested in receiving emails from us from time to time, sign up using the form on the right side of this page. We’ll send info on Riveters-centric events, volunteer opportunities, and other things you might want to know about as the year progresses.
  • Send me an email with feedback about what you’d like to do as a Riveter and what you’d like to see the Riveters do this year. What’s working for you? What’s missing? What are you interested in but not sure how to do? How can you help, and how can we? If it’s not in my wheelhouse (which at this point chiefly consists of our social media presence and the website), I’ll make sure your feedback/question/suggestion gets to the folks in charge of your area of interest: info@rosecityriveters.org

Let’s make this the best year yet!


Aug 262015

HUGE DISCLAIMER: I posted a version of this last night on my personal blog. It’s my opinion, not the opinion of the Riveters as an organization (is there ever an opinion that covers all of us?).

The 2015 NWSL Championship will be held in our city, Soccer City, USA, and, in all likelihood, it will feature two teams not from Portland.

So, what happens here? I know there are some loyal Thorns fans who won’t be there if their team isn’t there to support. That’s fine. There are some who will be up on the Bluff, taking in the University of Portland match at Merlo. Nothing wrong with that, either.

I’ll be at Providence Park. I think it’s important to support a league still in its infancy, so I’ll buy a ticket and show up. I won’t be waving a flag and, unless someone comes up with something strikingly clever, I’ll probably stop singing after the anthem. I will cheer players who do well and I will congratulate the winning team.

People are discussing what role, if any, the Riveters should play. Should we take this as an opportunity to express our displeasure with the league, our coach, our underperforming players, with…what, exactly? Do we use it to elevate the other supporters groups in the league? Or maybe just those whose teams are still playing October 1st? There’s no true consensus.

A couple of us talked a day or two ago about taking up residence in section 223 for the Championship game. Visitors in our own home.

But meh. Let’s go to the South Deck. It’s nice to have a change of scenery once in a while.

Aug 232015

With just a week to go before our final regular season home match, we’re launching BYCAP.

What’s BYCAP?

At the end of the year, folks get this wild idea that, out of admiration and/or gratitude, they should buy the capos a pint. This is a really great idea but, honestly, there’s no way they can drink that much and still remain functional through the game.

Instead, they’d like to funnel the money that would be used to buy them pints back into the community through a donation to the Rock & Roll Camp for Girls. Summer camp tuition this year was $400 per student. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could cover tuition for at least one student for each of our capos and drummers?

We’ll be passing buckets pre-match on Sunday (not necessarily on Sunday the capo, though she’ll *have* a bucket you can drop cash into) or you can donate by clicking here.


Aug 132015

Hey, all. It’s that time again. As we approach our final regular season home match of the year, we’re thinking back over the contributions made by each of our players. The Riveters Player of the Year will be honored August 30 at Providence Park.

The survey is set to only accept one response from each computer so please discuss with family/roommates/opinionated pets before you make your choice. The poll will close Sunday, August 23rd at 6 p.m. (assuming I clicked all the right buttons and checked all the right boxes).

Click here to access the survey.