Mar 152016

Today was another big day for a lot of NWSL teams as single game tickets went on sale for a lot of different clubs. With that, we want to let everyone know that we have assembled a Travel Committee to help with the 2016 Riveters Away Day Travel. This group is working with the different ticket sales reps to better understand if we can get a group discount for Riveters and if we can get Away Supporter sections at the different stadiums.

If you are planning on or interested in hitting the road this year to support the Thorns, please bookmark the 2016 Away Stadium Ticket Info to stay in the know about stadium policies (drums, banners, flags, smoke) and group tickets. We really want to take advantage of group discounts for tickets as much as we can, so each away event has a Facebook page set up (also available on the 2016 info page under each match) so we can get a sense of the demand for each game. Most group discounts kick in at or around 8 tickets, so if you’re planning to go, help out your fellow traveler and let us know so we can get things put together.

Also, the Facebook pages will help with coordination and carpooling to the games. After all, we’re a small group of road warriors.

FOR SEATTLE AWAY — Hold on to your horses. We are working with their ticketing rep to get a different section at Memorial set aside for us as well as buses (2!) lined up for the trips. More information about the 2 matches up north will be available shortly.

  4 Responses to “Connecting Wandering Riveters”

  1. Burn the fishing village! Also I know it is weird, but some of us do not have that Facebook thing.

    • Totally get that not everyone uses Facebook. We will be updating the 2016 Away Travel page on this site with all of the same info as Facebook.

  2. I would like two for Seattle please!

    • Hi Amber,

      We should have tickets from Seattle to purchase within the next week or two. Hold tight until then, please! 🙂

      – Luke

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