Feral scarves are in!

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Oct 092013

The next places to pick up prepaid sets of RCR/Feral scarves or to buy singles:
107ist candidate forum at Artists Rep Theater Saturday, November 16, 1-3
Prefunk at Twilight Room Saturday, November 16, 4-5ish
Portland Pilots game Saturday, November 16, evening

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  1. I missed the fanladen sales today, is there another time I can get a single? I live local so I can do a meet and greet on days other than game days as well.

  2. If nothing else I’ll be at the RSL match on Saturday. I will try to meet people BEFORE the match this time, not at halftime which turned out to be an impossible dream.

    And people can still pick up at our house during the week–just reply to the email I sent out for the street address.

  3. Any more still available I can buy?

    • Yes there are! Singles will be available very soon when we get the merch store up and running, and I should have some on me this weekend wherever I end up watching the Timbers game. I’ll post the location when I know it.

  4. when is the next pickup? I still need to get my set


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