Mar 012016

New season, new ambitious plans by our Art Department—so for a limited time, we’re offering special cloisonné pins as a thank-you gift to Riveters who donate at least $10 to our tifo fund!

We expect to be able to send them out or otherwise distribute them by month’s end. Some of the tifo folks will also have these available to hand out at events in exchange for in-person donations while this promotion lasts. Keep an eye on our newsletter, our Facebook page, and/or our Twitter account for details.

Donations are not tax-deductible.

  One Response to “Limited-time offer: Donate to the Riveters Tifo Fund and receive a special gift!”

  1. Update: We’ll be walking around selling these in person near the stadium before the preseason match on Sunday, March 27. Follow @PDXRivetersSG on Twitter for updates.

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