Jul 022013

Drawing inspiration from the Portland skyline, our crest was created by local designer Matt Leamy.

Thanks, Matt, for the work you’ve put into this. As promised, I owe you a beer.


RCR Logos.rd3-01



  6 Responses to “The new Riveters badge.”

  1. Good, the letter create won out. I know a lot of people will moan, but this represents the RCR well.

  2. Congratulations Matt, this is very nice. Well done.

  3. Many llama died in the making of this logo.

    Remember their sacrifices before commenting.

  4. Well done Matt – beautiful – – – now let’s get them on our shoulders, hats, etc!!! PTFC RCTID

  5. Matt always does great work. Well done, sir.

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