2018 Tifo Fundraiser- update: GOAL MET!

****Monday, April 9 update- we’ve met our goal! Thank you!****

We’re fundraising to generate revenue for the match day experience, and have a special treat for those who want to help!

Donate $10 or more to our tifo fund, and we’ll send you a special, limited edition “Tifo Hero” pin!

Thanks to those of you who have donated so far! Our goal is $6000.

Click the “donate” button to your right to donate through PayPal.

Stay tuned to this page, where we will keep you updated on the amount of funds raised.

[thermometer raised=6076 target=6000]


13 thoughts on “2018 Tifo Fundraiser- update: GOAL MET!

  1. My husband and I would like to assist more with the Tifos this season. We previously talked to Rich about it. How do we get more involved?

  2. If I want to donate in the names if each family member, is it possible to get a Hero pin for each of us by donating in one transaction? Thanks!!!

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