A call to arms…err, artists.

Hey, artsy types. We need your help.

Now that we’ve settled on a name, we’re going to need a badge. We need something that represents us, that tells our story, that helps people understand all of the things we stand for.

Here come those words again: dedication, strength, perseverance, loyalty, community.

You can do this.

Please send your designs to rosecityriveters@gmail.com by noon April 21st. We’ll pick the top four or five to present to the world and the winning design will eventually be used, well, EVERYWHERE. For your trouble, we’ll set you up with the new scarf when it comes out as well as copies of whatever items your crest appears on this season. In addition, you will receive FAME and GLORY. And, if you’re of age, someone somewhere will probably buy you a beer, though that’s not guaranteed.*

Here’s the fine print: any and all submissions become the property of Rose City Riveters and may be reproduced in the future at the discretion of RCR.




*Okay, if you win, I’ll buy you a beer. But I’ll need to see your ID first if you look like you might be under 30.


6 thoughts on “A call to arms…err, artists.

  1. I assume we are not allowed to use “Thorns” or “Portland Thorns” in the design at all. But can we use “By Any Other Name” / “BAON” or is that subject to the same trademark issues?

  2. Working up some thoughts – should have on paper by the end of convention. Will send to you next week, Nomad! PTFC!!!!

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