A Thorns Podcast? It’s About Goddamn Time

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Hi there, Thorns supporters and podcast enthusiasts!  My name is Patrick Chizeck, and I am a co-host on a brand new podcast called Riveting!  Despite the name, we aren’t an official program of the Riveters—I asked for permission from the powers that be to use the name and they very cordially allowed it.

I am joined every week(ish) by my co-hosts Eric Ohlsen and Emilie Rossi to discuss, bicker and ultimately make mostly unsuccessful jokes about the Thorns and the state of women’s soccer in the US and abroad, although we will be mostly concentrating on what happens with our women in red and black.

Every week we will be soliciting questions from you, the audience, to either answer or at least begin a discussion about (as some questions have no answers—for instance, why does Merritt keep deleting his tweets when he knows we Tweetbunker them?).  This podcast doesn’t just belong to Emilie, Eric and me, it belongs to all of us, which is why we want as much participation from y’all as you’re willing to give.

Right now you can check us out in a bunch of places:

If you somehow forget all of these things as well as this post, you should probably stop hitting yourself on the head, but we’re also linked on the sidebar on the Thorns subreddit, which you should be subscribed to anyway.

Our first episode is already up! We aren’t on iTunes yet (Apple is an arcane and mysterious place, although they are considering our submission.  Wish us luck!) (We’re on iTunes now!  Just look for us!) but you can either find us on Stitcher or just add us manually to your favorite podcast manager by using our RSS feed:


Wow, that’s a lot of links.

I guess if you’re super lazy, here’s the first episode right here.


Thanks for your time, and we hope to hear from you soon (or that you hear us.  Either way!).


Patrick is a founding member of the SG from the very first meeting and a Game Day Ops stalwart since forever. You should listen to him.

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