Almost there….

With just weeks left before NWSL’s third season begins, players are arriving and plans are being set in motion.┬áToday, we gather at Merlo Field to see our Thorns take on the University of Portland Pilots.

There’s history here. It was home to Portland’s patron saint of soccer, Clive Charles. It’s been the starting point for so many epic soccer careers. It was here that Tiffeny Milbrett scored her 100th international goal.

This field has played host to thousands of players from around the world and will host thousands more in years to come.

Those who know me know I’m a sappy, sentimental sort, but I’m going to say this anyway: if you’re on the fence about going today, get off the fence and go. And, when you get there, pause for a moment. Think about why you’re there. Is it purely for the sport? Is it for the fellowship of other soccer fans and supporters? Is it in support of the dreams of so many kids coming up through the system, that they may someday play on this field, wear these badges, live their dreams? There’s no wrong answer.


If you go, go early. Take public transit if you can as parking is limited.

We posted yesterday on the FB and Twitter that we’d be in sections H and I. The Pilots student sections are traditionally J, K and L. But, because this all feels so last-minute, it’s likely that we’ll have folks all over the stadium. We don’t have capos and drums lined up for this one so if you want a chant to get going, you’re going to have to do it yourselves. This is preseason, after all, and we’re just getting our voices back after the long offseason.

See you all on the bluff in a few hours.


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