Anyone engaging in behavior that breaches this code of conduct may receive a warning or have a travel ban imposed upon them by the 107IST.  Warnings and bans may be given for Timbers, Thorns, or both away trips.

The Portland Timbers/Thorns Front Office may also issue punishment that could involve home match bans.  The 107IST may deem it necessary to include a warning and/or travel ban in accordance with ANY punishments handed down by the Portland Timbers/Thorns Front Office that result in home stadium removal and/or bans.  Depending on the severity of the punishable actions, this could result in a longer ban than what is handed down from the Portland Timbers/Thorns Front Office.

1.     The 107IST reserves the right to refuse the sale of a travel ticket for any reason, especially in any case that violates our code of conduct or that could jeopardize the image of the organization at large according to our ethos.

2.     Abuse of any 107IST Committee members will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Please remember we are unpaid volunteers; we may not get things right all the time, but we do our best on your behalf.

3.     Violence is not tolerated under any circumstances during home or away matches.

4.     You are expected to respect the rights of your fellow members and supporters by avoiding all forms of intimidation, sexual/physical/verbal harassment, or anything intended to cause a nuisance to others.

5.     Any incidences of abusive behavior towards another member or supporter may result in you being requested to leave our home stadium or current away stadium.

6.     It is your personal responsibility to arrive at the correct meeting time/place specified by the 107IST. Travel leaders/bus captains reserve the right to determine the fitness of any individual to enter the stadium using a ticket sold to them by the 107IST.

7.     You are expected to respect our home and any away stadium at which you are in attendance. Please don’t leave litter or cause any manner of damage to any stadium you are visiting.

8.     Please report any accidents, injuries, illness, or significant incidents to the travel leaders/bus captains immediately.  Reports should also be sent directly to

9.     You are expected to comply with any reasonable directives given by the travel leaders/bus captains.

10.   At any away venue, obey all the rules of the specific venue. Failure to do so may result in removal from the venue and/or future travel sanctions from the 107IST.

11.   You are individually responsible for complying with the spirit, not just the letter, of all laws, regulations, and group standards.  This also includes holding any guests registered under your name to our codes of conduct.

Bus Trip-Specific:

In addition to the above…

1.     Violence is not tolerated under any circumstances. You will not be allowed on the bus carrying a weapon or an item that may be used as a weapon.

2.     Any bus captain reserves the right to determine the fitness of any individual to travel on a vehicle hired by the 107IST for the purpose of transporting members/supporters.

3.     The travel leaders/bus captains reserve the right to determine the fitness of any individual to disembark the bus and enter the away stadium using a ticket sold to them by the 107IST.

4.     Failure to adhere to our code of conduct may result in your removal from the bus at any point of the travel duration at your own expense.

5.     You are requested to arrive back at the buses within a reasonable time of the conclusion of the match for prompt departure. Understand that it is your responsibility (NOT OURS) to arrive at the buses with ample time to board upon leaving Portland or any away city.

6.     You are expected to respect the bus you travel on by not leaving litter or causing any damage to the bus.

7.     There is to be no swapping or trading of bus spots unless prior arrangements have been made.

How the 107IST Warning and Ban System Works

Yellow Card = Travel Warning

  • Yellow Cards given during regular season play will stay in effect for the duration stated in the table below.  If a second Yellow Card is given during the first Yellow Card’s duration, it will be upgraded to a Red Card travel ban.
  • All Yellow Card durations include the current and following season’s Cascadia matches, even if they are scheduled to occur after the card’s effective duration.

Rose City Riveters Yellow Card Effective Duration

Matches 1-8

Matches 9-16

Matches 17-24

Playoff Run

Rest of current season and playoff run

Rest of current season, playoff run, and first 12 matches of the following season

Rest of current season, playoff run, and the entire following season

Rest of current playoff run, and the entire following season and playoff run

Red Card = Travel Ban

  • Red Cards given at any time will be in effect for the duration of the current season, current season’s playoff run, and the entire next season and playoff run.

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