We’ve been talking about it behind the scenes for a year. Do we? Don’t we? Should we?

We like #BAON. It means something to us. By Any Other Name is the narrative of the Riveters, a nod to the Rose City, and a pledge to the Thorns. Regardless of what we call ourselves, what the club calls itself, what the names of the women who wear our badge are, we will support with all we have.

But what it means to everyone else is bacon.

And the wide variety of lunch food in the Philippines.

And, more recently, Russian porn.

We just want it to be about the soccer. And the Thorns. And Portland.

A hashtag is a great and powerful thing, a thing that binds us, unites us, helps us to suss out information on a specific topic. Search it on Twitter and you can find like-minded people, information about the Thorns, events hosted by the Riveters. It simplifies things as it unites.

So, we’re changing. We’re taking the hashtag we’ve used for the last year and we’re adding to it. Simple enough: we go from #BAON to #BAONPDX.

There. Done.


One thought on “#BAONPDX

  1. Whew. For a moment there I thought the complete abandonment of “BAON” was being proposed.

    “By Any Other Name” will absolutely withstand this wee change. It’s such a strong phrase, because it lends itself to so many meanings. It’s a lovely thread for our team and city.

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