Keepin’ it cool.

The game tomorrow (like the games for the rest of the season) has the potential to be a real scorcher. For the hardy souls who will be in the sun, we have two ideas:
1. Bring a spray bottle to mist yourself and the people around you. Bottles have to be empty when you come in, but can be filled in the bathrooms. Don’t forget to protect your phone from possible misting.
2. We will have buckets of ice water down by the main stage for dunking your scarf, hat, bandanna, etc. Please, no swimming, and don’t drink the water; it’s gonna be funky.

Wear a hat, bring sunscreen, drink water, and remember the players are in the same sun and running for 90 minutes on the scorching turf. The least we can do is bring the noise.

EDIT 7/14: Well, we didn’t end up needing it, but we will do this for future sunny hot daytime games. Stay cool.

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