Riveters 2016 Player of the Year Voting

Time to vote for who has captured our hearts during the 2016 season. We started off with a bang, and the Thorns are racing toward playoffs in a good position.

Take a couple of minutes to think about the player contributions this season and who you want to see honored after the final home match of the regular season on September 11th. Then click here to vote.

13 thoughts on “Riveters 2016 Player of the Year Voting

  1. I’ve seen Emily Menges play the best game I’ve ever seen her play at least 3 times this year. She’s been in the zone since opening day.

  2. Kinda has to be Nadim at this point. Two goals vs. Seattle, her Boston hat trick, in the thick if the Golden Boot race, huge hustle plays regardless of the Olympians being around.

  3. Nadia Nadim! She’s really done well for the team this year! Great initiative in every game, goal-scoring beast, keeps the opposition always guessing and on their toes. She’s really done great

  4. Going with Menges this year! She’s really killed it. It’s a hard call as I think the team has been great. But Emily has really connected more than the others and plays her heart out every second!!

  5. Hardest vote yet. Last three years were easier. Nadia Nadim, Dagny Brynjarsdottir, Emily Menges holding the fort down all year. Then there’s also Tobin Heath, Michelle Betos and Christine Sinclair . . . Hayley Raso, too tough this year.

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