Rose City Riveters Player of the Year: Karina LeBlanc

By an overwhelming margin, the Rose City Riveters have chosen Thorns goalkeeper Karina LeBlanc as their Player of the Year.

With 70 saves over 1,620 minutes in goal, Karina leads the league as its winningest goalkeeper.

But it’s been more than just her skill and her stats that have endeared her to supporters in Portland. Her personality, her joie de vivre, has been infectious. When Karina smiles, we smile with her. When she dances, we dance with her. When she colors her hair Rose City Red, well, we do that, too.

So, with this, we thank you, Karina.

It should be noted that several Thorns made notable showings in the Player of the Year poll. Congrats to Meleana Shim, Alex Morgan and Christine Sinclair, each of whom garnered a significant number of votes.




One thought on “Rose City Riveters Player of the Year: Karina LeBlanc

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    Vans & Winsome LeBlanc

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