Round 2… time to vote for the RCR badge

Here is Round 2…

Voting will close Sunday, June 30 at midnight.

Please vote for one of the following:

RCR Logos.rd3-01
Badge A


Badge B


Vote for the Rose City Riveters Badge: Round 2!!

  • Badge A (60%, 239 Votes)
  • Badge B (40%, 161 Votes)

Total Voters: 400

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44 thoughts on “Round 2… time to vote for the RCR badge

  1. What happened to Patch B. I know you said to revise them, but you completely changed what was good about it. You had Rosie and a soccer ball, the two things that represent the Thorns. Why did you succumb to being like every other patch. We have bridges, yeah, we know, but it has nothing to do with soccer. Poor choice.

    1. It’s because Rosie is allusive to something else that has already been publicly literated. Badge B still looks the nicest. Badge A looks tacky.

  2. What happened? The second one is not the one that received the most votes and what happened to the black and white Rosie patch? If I liked the original bridge patch. But vote for the first patch now.

  3. Hold up, folks. I’ve got a message into the web team to try to get the poll posted properly. Oops. It’s always something.

  4. What happened to badge B? I really liked the Rosie face and the ball! Voted for A but if B was the original vote badge I’d rather have that.

  5. I voted for the Rosie riveter badge, and was very happy that it made the final vote off.

    WTF? It’s not even the same badge, so the reasons I had voted for it are now invalid.

    Now I don’t like either one.


  6. I too am abstaining from this vote. If I wanted to vote for a bridge badge, I’d have voted for a different one in the first place. Somehow we got shortchanged here.

  7. Sorry the “Rosie” B-badge didn’t make it into the finals. IMO of the two here the “A” badge is marginally preferable but the original “B” badge was better than both…

  8. I also voted specifically because of the Rosie on the badge…neither of these excite me, therefore I’m abstaining.

  9. Soapbox time.

    Clipart exists for good reason. It is a handy tool to utilize when needing an icon or graphic in a short time frame that will see limited use. In the design world, Clipart is not something regularly used to represent a brand. Whichever badge is ultimately selected, that is what it will be representing – the Rose City Riveters’ brand. In addition to the use of Clipart, the Rosie the Riveter patch should have been modified as Rosie the Riveter is not an original piece of art. She is an excellent piece to the RCR arsenal, but should not represent the brand.

    Of the two designs this time around, badge A is superior. That said, there are still design changes I would like to see. I’m not expecting it to happen, but I’ll voice them anyway. First off, I feel “BAON” should be omitted from the graphic. BAON wasn’t the name of a previous iteration of the Rose City Riveters as Cascade Rangers was the precursor to Timbers Army. BAON was pre-Thorns supporters group. It was pre-Rose City Riveters. Rose City Riveters is not a continuation of BAON. Also, if BAON comes out, the Est. 2013 can upsize a little, which would be nice.

    I appreciate the green color change, as this revised version is a much stronger green, and far less Christmas-like. A little unsure of the black border versus the same dark green, but I’m sure it’ll grow on me. The only other design comment I have is in regards to the skyline graphic at the top. I love the inclusion of JWF and the bridge change. However, with so many buildings being removed, it looks incredibly lopsided. I would suggest adding one or three additional buildings (so you end up with an odd number), and either making it so the large rectangular is dead center, or clearly to the left or right. At the moment, the placement of the rectangular building in the middle looks like a mistake – not centered, but not off centered enough to look intentional.

    I will be selecting badge A, but would like to add that the designer of badge B did a good job revising the artwork to be a more original design and without Clipart. I don’t know that the light green background and green raindrops were necessary – the stark black and white was stronger, but I appreciate the effort put forth.

    As some have mentioned here and elsewhere, this is something that will evolve over time. That said, it would be great if the Riveters started with a design that was high-quality and long-lasting, rather than one that is continually updated because it wasn’t right in the beginning.

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