So where did that tifo come from?

The 107ist provided the space, the cloth, the paint, and the rigging. It would have been rather more difficult to pull off without these things.

2013-07-20 14.29.08

On the (wo)manpower side, Cory, Holly, and Lexi came up with the idea.
Cory designed it and drew all the players. Holly put the drawings into a computer and pushed the pixels around. Lexi and Mike got everything organized and arranged for the space and for people to help. (60.5 hours)

2013-07-22 21.58.11
On July 22, Cory, Holly, Chrissie, Igor, and Michelle spent a night tracing the first half of the image onto cloth. Then, on July 25, Holly, Chrissie, Michelle, Rachel, and Nichol spent another night tracing the second half. (43.5 hours)


2013-07-27 14.13.23 2013-07-27 14.13.05
July 27 was the big day. Holly, Chrissie, Igor, Michelle, Rachel, Lexi, Richard, Patch, Kevin, Sara, Joshua, Chuckles, Sato, Miranda, Richard, Brittney, Justin, Jade, Luke, John, Marcello, Julie, Todd, Vanessa, Warren, Paul, Kristin, Mo, Kim, Marnie, Syd, Janet, Patrick, Megan, Thomas, Isabella, Teresa, Heather, and Gabby spent a beautiful afternoon indoors and painted the whole thing including the explosion two-sticks. Straight From New York donated a whole pile of delicious pizzas at the painting party. They are Thorns fans and we love them. (186.25 hours)

On July 30, Cory, Holly, Chrissie, and Rachel went back for another night to do touchups and repaint the green grass which had originally been painted an unfortunate wan shade of guacamole. (22 hours)

Then, on August 1, Cory, Holly, Chrissie, Michelle, Rachel, Lexi, Richard, Patch, Luke, Todd, Paul, Kristin, Kim, Marnie, Gabby,  Nissa, and Kristen rolled streamers, taped instruction sheets to them, and did some last touchups on the paint and spent some time finalizing the Cindy Parlow Cone element. (42 hours)

Game day was August 4. Cory, Holly, Chrissie, Igor, Michelle, Lexi, Patch, Chuckles, Sato, Todd, Vanessa, Paul, Kristin, Kim, Marnie, Janet, Teresa, Gabby, Nick, Alex, Kris, Heidi, John, Lane, Jonanna, Todd, Mike, RyanRhonda, Doug, Sara, Dennis, Sunday, Lora, and a ton of wonderful volunteers pulled ropes, lifted heavy things, distributed streamers and flags, and generally pitched in to make the whole thing happen on game day. (20.5+ hours)

So, 60+ people (374.75+ person-hours) and a staggering amount of donated material. That’s where it came from.

Please support the 107ist. We would absolutely not have been able to do any of this without them. This organization is a major part of what makes us the best supporters in the league. You can support by joining them or by buying Riveters or Timbers Army merchandise.

Thank you all so much for everything you did to make this happen. Here’s hoping we need another one for the playoffs. Stay tuned.

20 thoughts on “So where did that tifo come from?

  1. It was AMAZING!!! Thanks to everyone who put time in on such a special thank you. How about making this into a T-shirt? I know several ladies who would love to have one!

    1. I know a number of gents who would as well. 🙂 I am grateful to have played a very small role but I bow down to all of you who put in the long hours. Thank you for making Rose City proud and the best place for the beautiful game.

  2. It was AMAZING!!!! No one will ever be able to deny the dedication of the Thorns fans! Thanks for being such awesome leaders and going the extra mile!!!

  3. That was so flipping COOL! I’m a FCKC fan, but I thought that was just about the coolest thing I’ve even seen in soccer. I was watching the game with my mom and as soon as that banner unfurled I told my mom “Portland has THE BEST fans.” You guys rock. Well done. Thanks for sharing all the effort that went into this.

  4. Wow – that looked SO MUCH better in sunlight than it did when it was being painted! it was fun working on it and for SURE I’d help with another 🙂

  5. It was AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for everything you did and continue to do!! I’m such a huge fan – thanks to you guys and your infectious enthusiasm!!!

  6. As a fan who sits in 116, for both the Timbers and Thorns matches, I appreciate all that the Riveters did this season. You guys are awesome. Your enthusiasm and love of the beautiful game is much appreciated. PTFC!!!

  7. Awesome!!! Watching from SLC, hope we get a women’s side soon. Question: what happens to the tifo after the match?

    1. It goes to tifo heaven, which is also known as the tifo supply room in the Timbers Army Fanladen.

      We are looking at ways we can take old tifo displays and repurpose them (maybe sew them into shopping bags, for instance). We can then sell those to help fund our future tifo efforts as well as all the work we do in and around Portland (refurbishing / building soccer fields and playgrounds, funding uniforms for children in need, etc).

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  9. I’d also like to give a quick shout to the Timbers Army rigging crew (those guys like to remain anonymous). They threw the ropes for us on Friday night (about 7 man hours of work).

    I’d also like to thank the folks who did the Timbers Army tifo for the Whitecaps game on the 3rd. They were gracious enough to adjust their original design so the rigging could be used for both displays (there was no time to clean and throw new rigging for the Thorns the next day). Their flexibility and support was critical to being able to do what we did yesterday.

  10. That was awesome! T-shirts in that theme would be fantastic. Or bags like the ones they give away all the time (the strings done so it can be used as a backpack). Thanks for letting us help! Hope we can do another one very soon!

  11. I was completely floored when I saw that. I’m sure the Thorns players as well. I don’t think anyone in the world could ever match that. Please turn it into t-shirts, would love to get one! And yes, cross fingers for the playoffs. It’ll be a travesty if Thorns don’t get in. I’m sure they will do it, they got the best supporters in the world!

  12. So much gratitude to everyone who worked on this. I was out of town for this game and can see that I missed something beautiful. Thank you for making this town my home with your passion and spirit! I hope to join this work in the future.

  13. Seeing this banner go up brought me to tears. I was sitting just above the Riveters in General Admission, and seeing the sun shining through the banner as it was raised, and the players on the field…OMG! Thank you Riveters for all the hard work and creative brilliance that went into this tifo!! It makes me so happy to see, in my lifetime, this kind of KILLER support for women’s sports!!

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