Ticket Donation

Do you have tickets to a match and can’t go? One great option is to donate them to the Riveters! The tickets will be re-sold at face value, and the proceeds will go to the Harper’s Playground. It’s a great way to combat scalpers and help give back to an amazing organization that is creating playgrounds for people of all abilities.

If you have tickets in PDF form, you can email them to the Riveters at ticketdonation@rosecityriveters.org.

You can also transfer them via Seat Geek at any time by transferring them to us at ticketdonation@rosecityriveters.org.

If you have physical tickets, you can donate them in person. Just drop by the Fanladen (1633 SW Alder) before a match and someone will be happy to help you out.


For those who have donations to make while out of the country this summer, please send those tickets to ticketdonation@107ist.org. By sending them to the different account, we will be working with the 107ist Community Outreach committee to get the tickets to local youth clubs in advance so they can coordinate travel and other details on their end.