Time to vote for our badge!

Here are the seven finalists.

Voting will close Saturday, June 15 at midnight.

Please vote for one of the following:

Badge A


Badge B


Badge C


Badge D


Badge E


rose city riveters_rev
Badge F


Badge G


Okay, time to vote…

Vote for the Rose City Riveters Badge!

  • Badge A (26%, 289 Votes)
  • Badge F (26%, 289 Votes)
  • Badge E (21%, 237 Votes)
  • Badge G (14%, 150 Votes)
  • Badge B (7%, 76 Votes)
  • Badge D (4%, 47 Votes)
  • Badge C (1%, 15 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,103

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47 thoughts on “Time to vote for our badge!

    1. I voted for E, but would replace the circles on the on perimeter with small soccer balls at 0 and 180 degrees. All of them are good, really!

      1. Holy cow! I check back to see what’s up find out that we’re about to pick the HORRID one?!! When I said “all of them were good, really” I was just being nice for christsake! I figured there was no way in hell we’d go for a hot mess that looks like a haypenny with Elizabeth McGovern on it!

  1. I’d rather have the Burnside Bridge, or something incorporating
    the near-Jeld-Wen Field architecture in particular.

    But then, I’m a fan of B, of the above.

  2. Amazing art work by all who designed badges…..made this a hard vote! Love something about each one, but finally had to go with E …..thank you one and all for your hard work and beautiful designs!

  3. A.

    [A] is a badge, a logo, and identifiable–it is a badge. Would you sew this onto your favorite bag or lucky Thorns jersey? “Established In” is a must-have. The Skyline is perfect, the Hawthorne represented is clutch. (not a highway like the Fremont, but a local bridge!!) šŸ˜‰ The font is large, clear, simple but effective. This folks, is a badge.

    1. I agree that ‘A’ is more of a badge. It has the simplicity and would be recognizable from a distance. I like the skyline. I like the others as well… Just curious, what does the Freemont bridge have to do with BAON? I know it’s in Portland but…. I like the ‘Established’ part too.

  4. Love F but needs two changes:
    1. Add some color
    2. Put Sunday’s face on it. She has earned it and to me is the first face I see when I think Rose City Riveters. Waive that flag proudly Sunday!


    1. Wow, that is the coolest thought – – – so sweet of you to say – wondering why FO has not asked Sunday to be the Thorns’ mascot…..she has worked hard to be there for both teams!

  5. G does it for me. The thorns on the border are a nice touch. Not sure about the Fremont bridge although that is the bridge I cross to get to the games. Of all the bridges in Portland, I’m a St. Johns bridge fan but it is a ways from downtown.

  6. Quick question… Were there rules against lifting artwork from elsewhere on the Internet? Because some of this is unoriginal. Should an unoriginal design win the vote, will it be subject to redesign? Will there be a revote?


      1. Thanks, Mike. No desire to call anybody out, just want to make sure we’re not setting ourselves up for (at best) ill will from copyright holders. Will send you an email.


  7. Good stuff. I think there is a design aspect to F that I like, but there are to many mashed in icons. Honestly, I get the female face and it certainly a good rep for the theme of the SG, but don’t think it represents the supporters group as a whole. I am mostly torn between A and B with some slight mods (agree with Patch that black might replace the green or a much darker green).

    All in all, great work by all of the those who put in all the work on your submissions. Respect.

    1. Right there with you. I’m not crazy about having a character as part of the badge.

      And I dig the bridges. Symbols of unity, etc.

          1. +107 While I voted for the name “Rose City Riveters” this is exactly what concerned me and what I hoped wouldn’t come to represent our supporters group.

  8. I like badge E, but think the green stripe around the bridge would look better unbroken except for the rose and leaves. šŸ™‚

  9. On further review I’d be fine with F or A. Something about E bugs me. Can’t quite put my finger on what.

  10. A. Please for the love of god, A. Or B.

    A or B could make a badge. While I love G, it is too complicated for a badge. I’d love to see a similar design used in another way. E is also well done, but ultimately I feel A is a better badge. I do wish it said Portland. I think a small tweak would make it more powerful.

    No offense to the designer, but F is too busy with clip art for my taste. It also employees a character who we should not include as part of our badge.

    And I hate to be negative, but having this up for less than week seems odd to me. I think we could have waited until after we have gathered at a match so that we could spread the word to those who don’t check the site regularly. I just found out about it today (and can’t even vote since Patch already used the home computer…bummer). I hope that with the top choices so close in votes, we will at least move to a second round.

  11. Pardon me while I dump a bunch of what I’m thinking about this project in the comments. I’ll preface my statement by saying that I have no idea who designed what, so nothing I say is based on the creator, purely the creative.

    Seeing the seven choices, I find a few things striking: the use of clip art, the use of elements of the Thorns FC logo and the inclusion of BAON.

    First off, as far as a logo is concerned, there is absolutely no reason why a creative group such as this needs to rely on clip art soccer balls or potentially trademark-infringing images of Rosie the Riveter. The idea of using Sunday’s face as Rosie the Riveter is even more bothersome to me. I love Sunday to death, and think she is a huge asset for both the TA and RCR ā€“ but she isn’t the organization and shouldn’t be made up to be a character for us to parade around in a logo.

    Secondly, does anyone really think it’s a good idea to incorporate specific elements of the Portland Thorns FC logo into the RCR crest? Again, it lacks originality and could be seen as potentially infringing on PTFC’s property. While I don’t think anyone would seek legal action, is there a benefit to making the RCR logo relate so much to the PTFC logo?

    Finally, BAON, to me, has lost almost all meaning and its relevancy is gone. By any other name was an idea relating to declaring a title for a previously unnamed supporters group. This is no longer the case. Besides, the earliest reference I can find of #BAON in relation to the Thorns or Thorns supporters came from a tweet made by @ThornsFC on January 31. Did they originate the hashtag? I genuinely don’t know, but if they did, why would the SG adopt it into its logo?

    Based on these factors, I cannot consider D, E, F or G as viable candidates. Of the remaining three, the typesetting of C works really well, though the rest of the design is a little lacking in Portland-related imagery. That leaves us with A and B, which I’m willing to guess came from the same designer. Both are nice pieces of work, but I’m drawn to A more. If I could make a design suggestion, I would say increase the arch on Riveters so it looks more deliberate. Also, I like the army green currently being used on B. I would swap out the current green on A for this.

    At this point, I don’t know that the Rose City Riveters need a logo. Maybe for now, we just need to be supporters. It’s okay not to have a logo. Not having a logo doesn’t mean you can’t make a Rose City Riveters or “Support PTFC” t-shirt. To some degree, I feel the desire for creating merch is the reason some want a logo now. This may not be the case, but it feels that way at times.

    So as not to be one of the people that complains after the fact when he didn’t participate in the first place, I will cast a vote. It will be for A. I’ve given my reasoning why, and I hope I’ve explained it in a way that gives the powers that be cause to perhaps reconsider the need for a logo at this time. Regardless of the outcome of this vote, thank you to those who took the time to develop these creative works.

    1. +1,000 Thank you Kyle, for saying pretty much exactly what I was too tired to say at midnight. And I’ll leave it at that.

    2. Actually, I should add that while I don’t have a strong love for BAON, it does have better history than a tweet from the FO. Mo used “By Any Other Name” in her first designs for a scarf. I do think it was best used when it was a stand in for not having a name for our supporters group. But barring a better version of RCTID, it seems to be sticking.

      1. Thank you for clarifying. While I still question its relevancy, it’s good to know that it didn’t generate from the FO.

    3. Thanks, Kyle.

      I’m with you on 80% of your post. Or maybe closer to 75%.

      BAON as a hashtag was supporter-driven and the FO picked it up from us. I do, however, wish we’d thought to stick a PDX on the end of it. I’m quickly tiring of looking at Pinoy lunch options.

  12. At 00:02 hours Sunday morning, badges A & F are tied in votes with over 1,100 recorded.

    Posit: Will the group that decided to make this election process possible offer a solution to this unforseen development? Perhaps it is as well possible that this well-organized body will take into consideration some of the comments and suggestions offered freely by those who took the time to transcribe them to this forum and throughout the week’s process for voting?

    Who knows?

  13. Absolutely amazing that it’s a draw. I’m assuming that’d mean a tiebreaker will follow. I have a few questions/concerns about both. How much of the designs are clipart and what are the rules and regs of using clipart? Would edits/revisions be considered? This would actually affect my vote a lot as I’d much rather support originality. The soccer ball or rose are less of a personal concern, but if the Rosie is cut and paste, that makes it much less appealing. Same thing for the skyline. What a process! While probably not happening, it almost seems like a new badge could come out of everyone’s feedback that is more universally agreed upon. Or not šŸ™‚

  14. Go with A.

    Badge F is a good concept but way too busy, you don’t need one of every symbol. Simply please.

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