What happened to the Rosie badge?

No one was more surprised by the tie vote than your faithful steering committee.

Here’s how the process went:

We asked for submissions.

We whittled down the field to a reasonable number of pieces we thought best represented the Riveters.

We asked that smaller number of artists for specific changes (ie: can you change the font? can you center this a little?). Some artists responded with changes, some did not.

We brought that smaller, revised group of badges to you to vote.

There’s no way this would end in a tie. Over a thousand people voted. That’s crazy talk.

But it did, in fact, end in a tie. So we approached both of the artists who were left and asked them to revise their badges a.) based on the comments made on the last vote thread and b.) to ensure the originality of the artwork.

One badge came back with what I, personally, would consider minor changes. The other came back with some much larger revisions. And that’s where we’re at.


20 thoughts on “What happened to the Rosie badge?

  1. “Larger Revisions” as in “It’s still a circle, still says ‘Rose City Riveters,’ still mostly black and white.” The majority of this badge is completely new. Had I submitted artwork (especially if I was the one that submitted that Fremont Bridge design) in the first round, I’d be a little upset. Not sure where that gets us, just saying.

  2. I have to wonder if there was a copyright problem with using Rosie, or a similar face, on merchandise. Was that the main problem?

    I was, indeed, one of the people who suggested the Burnside bridge, as it is nearer to downtown, Jeld-Wen, etc. Ironically, I live in Northeast, so do actually USE the Fremont every time I go to games, pretty much… and now it seems everyone’s up in arms for the Fremont bridge pic to return. oops; can’t help but feel a bit personally responsible! (Although surely not EVERY suggestion I make steers this whole thing, as I originally voted for 2 pins that didn’t come close to winning.)

  3. Asking the artists to change the badges “at all” was baffling.

    It was down to the two badges that tied. You should have let us vote on those as originally submitted. People voted for the Rosie Riveter choice for a reason.

  4. I think we should have re-vote of the original two that were tied in the first place. None of this revision crap. I voted for the one I liked, and didn’t think anything should be changed about it. If we are insisting on ‘revising’ the designs, then lets vote on that too!

  5. If those wanted to vote for a bridge would have voted for a bridge. Explaining away how it got where and then shrug shoulders like you’re powerless…. what is that? Really? The end result was not right nor expected at all. “Thanks but no thanks”, right?

    Please bring back the original that did well and have a proper playoff vote.

    Strangeness 🙂

  6. Glad to see it gone. The whole “BAON” thing should be omitted as well. The face was weird, the awkward slogan is… awkward. Should keep it simple.

  7. I see one badge here from the tie, and one…new one. At least I see one I like.

    And it doesn’t matter, of course. Whatever we choose and however we choose it we will still adapt, grow, evolve, and refine it over the coming years until one day we’ll look at this and say, “how quaint.”

  8. Maybe the designer behind badge B realized that their design had a clipart soccer ball in it and it was crap

  9. Okay, so you’ll notice it took a while for us to post the designs for runoff voting. That was because of some intense debate over what to do with the revisions we got back:

    “[w]e approached both of the artists who were left and asked them to revise their badges a.) based on the comments made on the last vote thread and b.) to ensure the originality of the artwork.”

    That is true — and we struggled over whether to simply disqualify badge B for having changed so radically from the original badge F; the problem was that the artist technically did what we asked them to do. The revised version is missing clip art elements that made the original design unusable, instead featuring replacement imagery drawn from suggestions in the comments. So, whatever our personal opinions might be about the approach the artist took to remedy that, we finally concluded that we needed to offer it up for a vote and let the group decide.

  10. I… don’t really like either of them… so I don’t even think I should bother voting. “A” would be much better without the “BAON” on the bottom. Why not find a way to put more than the acronym in there? It should say, “By Any Other Name,” not, “BAON.”

  11. I think the crux for a lot of people is whether the Rosie was unoriginal, which I’m assuming is the case. If so, the complete redo makes sense. But… it does kind of make it unfair to the other entries in the initial lineup and as much of a PITA it might be, a re-vote with all originals and new replacement designs might satisfy the seething masses. I personally am kind of over it for now, but I suspect many others aren’t.

  12. Just as an observation, I think the “BAON” is a valid shoutout to the original supporters groups in teh same way that the “CR” on the Timbers Army crest remembers the original Cascade Rangers. No need to spell it out, but just a shorthand way to remember the OGs…

      1. OHforchrissake. Yes, just because “The Folks Who Got Into This Stuff At The Beginning And Couldn’t Agree On A Name So They Came Up With “By Any OTHER Name” For Which This Is The Abbreviation Thereof” was just too damn long to write out until you bitched at me and made me do it. Sheesh.

  13. Speaking of the F/B badge. While I appreciate that the artist stuck to the guidelines and came back with those revisions, I think that that a sense of continuity is missing. From the comments above it sounded like that there were major elements that were used from clipart. Couldn’t we enlist someone to work with the artist to bring some original artwork along the same lines of their vision? I think it would be appropriate and honor the work it took to put together that first badge that seemed to pass the muster with so many of the people who voted.

    Personally it’d be cool to see that F badge morph to have a Rosie that takes on the imagery of the skull and crossbones rose flag that is at the game. For what it’s worth.

  14. Decided to put my MS Paint skills to good use. Here are rough sketches of the suggestions I put up. I know that it’s way past the deadline for submission but I figured, i’d put in my two cents as a fan of the original “F” even if it was clipart. The inspiration was from the original artwork already put together by the gameday crew. For the dia de los muertos one, you could use that awesome font on the banner.

    Reference picture from the Soccer City USA Tumblr:




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