What to do about the Championship….

HUGE DISCLAIMER: I posted a version of this last night on my personal blog. It’s my opinion, not the opinion of the Riveters as an organization (is there ever an opinion that covers all of us?).

The 2015 NWSL Championship will be held in our city, Soccer City, USA, and, in all likelihood, it will feature two teams not from Portland.

So, what happens here? I know there are some loyal Thorns fans who won’t be there if their team isn’t there to support. That’s fine. There are some who will be up on the Bluff, taking in the University of Portland match at Merlo. Nothing wrong with that, either.

I’ll be at Providence Park. I think it’s important to support a league still in its infancy, so I’ll buy a ticket and show up. I won’t be waving a flag and, unless someone comes up with something strikingly clever, I’ll probably stop singing after the anthem. I will cheer players who do well and I will congratulate the winning team.

People are discussing what role, if any, the Riveters should play. Should we take this as an opportunity to express our displeasure with the league, our coach, our underperforming players, with…what, exactly? Do we use it to elevate the other supporters groups in the league? Or maybe just those whose teams are still playing October 1st? There’s no true consensus.

A couple of us talked a day or two ago about taking up residence in section 223 for the Championship game. Visitors in our own home.

But meh. Let’s go to the South Deck. It’s nice to have a change of scenery once in a while.

5 thoughts on “What to do about the Championship….

  1. I’m not a Riveter, but I love that the Thorns have a group so dedicated to supporting them.

    That said it if we have a championship game here without our playing, it would be great if all of us showed the rest of the country what Portland Soccer Fandom is all about.

    To me that should be supporting a league we all enjoy and supporting the amazing athletes that worked so hard to get where they are and have earned the right to be play an important game in the best facility in the league in front of supportive fans.

    In this scenario I think we can all agree that while we wish like hell the Thorns had made it, in the end we’re all soccer fans and should be able to enjoy a good game. We don’t have to be sore losers about this.

    There will be plenty of time and no shortage of venues, both public and private, for all of us to air any grievances we might have about the way our team is run. I have no shortage myself. This game should not be one of them. If the Thorns aren’t in this game then this game isn’t about them. It’s for and about those players on the field who had nothing to do with any of it. Let’s not disrespect them by using their time in the spotlight to score points in our internal struggles.


    1. Well, for the record, I think we show the world what Portland feels about soccer every week, but I get what you’re saying.

      I’m also in the support the league camp. I think the final being in a neutral town is a decent idea and ours is the perfect one to kick that off in.

      I totally understand the folks who don’t want to go, though. It’s fair. Your team isn’t there, you aren’t as invested. There’s no requirement.

      My family will be in 107, though. It’s home. It’s the best place to watch soccer in the world, as far as I’m concerned.

      1. Definitely didn’t mean to imply the Riveters and the rest of the Thorns’ fans weren’t already showing the league how it’s done.

        It’s pretty clear when I watch the live streams from other cities and the only people I can actually hear are the diehards that travelled to watch the team and keep them pumped, who has the most dedicated fans around.

  2. Since Its prob. going to be Seattle, I think we should all became huge fans of the other team & make them our home team. wear their colors yell and cheer. Thorns fan or not its good soccer, the players will love it and deserve it, and the league needs support or there will not be a Thorns team for long. I’m
    proud and it sounds fun to cheer for…. NOT THE REIGN! Like a true WOSO AND Thorns fan.

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